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At University Village, we’ve put together a comprehensive and diverse program of activities and events designed to complement our residents’ interests, backgrounds, and hobbies. Participate in group activities like a movie night or local restaurant outing. Volunteer with a local charity. Engage with your neighbors in various group games. Expand your wellness opportunities by participating in an exercise class or health seminar. One thing is for sure, you will never be bored.

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Walk Fit - An on-going incentive program for residents to be motivated to walk every day. Katti, the wellness instructor, will calculate how many miles your steps become; just come by the Wellness Studio and check out a pedometer. Your steps will be logged once a week.

Strength - We will utilize various resistance equipment in the studio to increase bone density, muscle mass and endurance, energy, stamina and confidence. This class is 45 minutes in duration and has been known to improve muscle strength and definition.

Stretch - Increase the length of your muscle with 45 minutes of extension exercises and decrease soreness from actvity while increasing flexibility and range of motion. We use no equipment for this class and may be beneficial to overall physiological potential.

Big Band Ball - This 30 minute social activity game utilizes beach balls to increase reaction time, flexibility, and fine tune reflexes; all while listening to the soothing sounds of Big Band music.

Food For Thought - Sharpen your mind by improving your memory, reasoning, creativity, and thinking to keep your brain fit with mental exercises in the Fitness Studio. Exercise your brain!

Aqua Mobility - This pre-registered class will go off-campus to a neighboring community to get the joints moving using water resistance in the indoor heated pool. This class  is 45 minutes.

Mind/Body - This class incorporates fluid physical motions which have been shown to improve primary reflexes. It feeds the brain - increases oxygen & blood flow to the brain, re-patterns the neurological system, and develops body conectivity & alignment.

Cardio - Improve aerobic capacity and increase heart function. This class is a low impact workout lasting 30 minutes.

Shuffleboard - Friendly games and social exercise played on our full-sized specialty floor built just for shuffleboard.

Bag Toss - Test your aim with a friendly game of bean bag toss.

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