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Mission: Committed to Residents

We believe that wellness at University Village is more than a program - it's a commitment to foster wholeness by way of activities that encourage you to move, think and play.

Studio: Committed Space to Move

We have designated space within our campus just for wellness. Upon entering the Wellness Studio, residents are energized by the positive atmosphere.

Community: Committed To Each Other

We believe that wellness is best achieved within the contex of community. Encouragement and accountability are two important componenets of any wellness plan. Our UV Thrivers are a unique group of residents committed to the wellness of each other.

Benefits: Committed To Yourself

Wellness begins with you. Adding extra activities to your life which encourage you to move, think and play offer benefits that are truly an investment in your future. Say 'yes' to your overall wellness!

Stories: Committed To Transformation

We believe that everyone has the potential to keep growing and achieve true transformation. Stay connected to the Wellness Stories on our website and be inspired by our awesome residents.

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