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More often than not, seniors would prefer to “age in place”, or stay in their own home throughout their retirement years. Naturally, this seems the easiest way… after all, you’ve worked for most of your life to finally get to the point where you finally get to relax! There are many services available to you to help out when you something gets to be too much to handle, including at-home nursing services, but is aging in place always the best option? Here are eight reasons to consider the option of moving to a retirement community, courtesy of

  1. Current or potential changes to your physical health. Whether you are in excellent or less-than-ideal health right now, taking a full perspective of your overall wellbeing is important, especially as you age. At-home nursing care is available should you need it, but some retirement homes, including University Village, offer a wide range of care options from independent living to full-time nursing care, bringing you peace of mind no matter what your health may be.
  2. Subtle hints about changes to your mental health. Deteriorating mental health is a scary thing. Seniors can be at risk of developing depression or a degenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s. Once again, considering the full perspective of mental health is vital to making sure you are safe and happy for a long time to come.
  3. Capability in everyday tasks. Taking care of the house is a bigger task than it seems, especially as we begin to slow down as we age. Cleaning, cooking, keeping up with the yard… the tasks can really pile up. And if your health deteriorates to the point where you can no longer participate in normal hygiene upkeep, a home health aide will be necessary. Retirement homes can offer you a lot of help in all of these areas, without the additional costs of hired help adding up on your monthly bills.
  4. Security concerns. Seniors ought to feel secure in their own homes. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and safety is sometimes an issue. Retirement homes offer safer options, often complete with security guards and plenty of emergency measures should a situation arise.
  5. Friends and Community. While retirement offers you plenty of time to pursue your own interests independently, it also dwindles your social circle in many ways. Maintaining daily (or even weekly) interactions with others can be difficult as you “age in place”, but retirement communities offer built-in options to meet and spend time with your neighbors and friends when you want to.
  6. Nutritional needs. Keeping up with your dietary needs can be difficult, depending on how much you enjoy grocery shopping and cooking. Eating a healthy diet is important to maintaining health, and retirement communities make it easier by offering menus specially curated for seniors.
  7. Transportation. Often seniors find themselves in need of transportation as they no longer feel comfortable or unable to drive themselves. Retirement communities offer an easier solution to begging friends and neighbors for a ride… for one, they often have everything you need available to you right on the same property. They also offer shuttles to take you where you need to be, allowing you to have all the freedom you need.
  8. Negates the need for home modifications. Once again, as you age your mobility changes, requiring in some cases major home modifications, such as grab bars and ramps. Retirement homes are designed specifically with accessibility in mind, so you won’t find yourself needing to remodel anytime soon.

Choosing a nursing home Tulsa OK community is a big decision, and one that University Village can help you with. Click here to learn about our senior living communities in Tulsa OK locations and schedule a tour today.

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Shanaena always helps everyone with a smile! Our recognized staff member for May has been employed as a Licensed Practical Nurse in the UV Health Center for a little over 6-months. Her nomination says that this hard worker does more than just her job, she communicates well with peers, families and residents. And of course, she warms the hearts of others with her cheerful smile! Thank you Shanaena for all you do!
At University Village’s retirement homes in Tulsa OK, we seek to provide you with the highest care possible to meet your needs for assisted living Tulsa OK. Contact us here!

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University Village is many things: a retirement community full of kind and loving staff and a social community of like minded people. But more than that? University Village is home.





The options for choosing assisted living in Tulsa OK are many, but we believe University Village is the best! Contact us here and our staff will contact you regarding our retirement home Tulsa OK community.

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Pat Dorris was born in Emporia, Kansas. She had 3 siblings and from an ordinary beginning was born a fascinating woman and an extraordinary life.
Many people around University Village are surprised to see Pat while she is on her daily walk of 4-5 miles each day. It is the way she begins each day and says that she loves to walk! However, this is only one of the physical activities that have been her passion. In her life, she has always been athletic. She has participated in many different activities throughout her life, both professionally and for fun. Pat taught health and P.E. for 40 years, and during this time she lived throughout many states, Germany, and even several years on a Navajo reservation.
In addition to teaching, Pat enjoyed hiking. She hiked Hawaii, Death Valley, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, 60 miles of Camino de Santiago in Spain, and many other places. (She has been to 56 different countries!) She has also climbed Ayer Rock in Australia.
It doesn’t end there! For cold weather activities, Pat has enjoyed skiing in Norway, Switzerland, and Germany. She snowmobiled in Yellowstone, and snowshoed and dogsledded in Alaska!
That’s not all! Pat taught fencing, bicycled in numerous countries, played on a field hockey team that traveled to Trinidad and Guyana, and played softball. One summer, after retirement, Pat was a Golden Glover for the Diamondbacks baseball team.
Pat spent much of her post retirement years in Cottonwood, AZ. There, she volunteered 14 years at the library and worked with Habitat for Humanity for 4 years.
If you haven’t met and visited with Pat, she is a delight, and loves to share her life’s adventures with others.

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People who would describe themselves as “kind” may live longer than those who aren’t necessarily known to be kind. “What?” you may ask. It’s true! According to some research, seniors who actively volunteer in two or more improve their overall health nearly as much as quitting smoking, and more than exercising four times a week, according to some research. That is a big improvement for a small lifestyle change. Altruism, or what we would call kindness, can trigger certain areas of our brain known as “reward centers”, leading to that positive feeling you get when you have done something to help someone else. Kind acts can prevent or lessen depression, anxiety, and improve your overall sense of self-worth as well. Making a habit of these kind acts can increase these and many more benefits, not to mention the many benefits others will reap from your giving back, according to Organizations are always desperate for willing volunteers to help out for short periods of time in the week with the many tasks that go into making things run smoothly, and retired people fit the bill perfectly! Here are some ideas in where you can look for volunteer opportunities.

  • Schools and after-school programs – many schools have programs for elementary-aged students to read with a “buddy”, improving their reading skills while giving the children important one-on-one time with an adult. Local Boys and Girls Clubs may offer these types of volunteer opportunities, or try asking local teachers if their school has a program similar to this.
  • Charities – Food pantries and clothing closets are only the beginning of some of the many charities committed to helping those in crisis in your area. Volunteers are needed to help sort and organize the donated items, help walk families through the process of the organization, and everything in between.
  • In your own day-to-day life – Look around to what you do on a daily or weekly basis… chances are, some one you regularly cross paths with is looking for a volunteer just like you! Whether you attend a church, regularly visit the library, or have a weekly bunco game, volunteers are needed in many places. University Village even offers volunteer opportunities right here.

Remember, while volunteering, no matter what you do or for how much time you are doing it, you are not only impacting and improving the lives of people around you, but you are also reaping a benefit. Go do some good!

Click here to find all you need to know about senior living in Tulsa, and get help from the staff at our assisted living Tulsa OK community.

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Katti Schwin, University Village’s Wellness Coordinator, is our outstanding employee of the month for April. Katti has been employed with UV for more than a year and she shares that she truly loves coming to work and helping the residents. Her nominations state that she works hard each month adding new and different wellness programs for the residents. Katti has lots of energy and is great at encouraging our residents to be engaged and care about their overall health. She goes above and beyond in her job, understanding that wellness affects the whole person. Thank you for all you do Katti!

University village offers an exceptional care in our senior living communities Tulsa OK locations. Contact us here to discuss your options for assisted living in Tulsa OK.

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Our residents are always enjoying activities and events at University Village – there is more than enough fun for everyone. Watch our latest activity recap video to catch some of the excitement going on here… and check out our events page to see some of what’s coming up next.





Among the many senior living communities in Tulsa OK and nursing home Tulsa OK communities, University Village offers the highest quality care. Contact us here and get all the information you need to see how we can help meet your retirement needs.

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Part of the beauty and the pain of life is the constant coming and going of friends and social connections. However, as we age, it oftentimes seems as if there is more of the “going” than the “coming”. Friends move away, to be closer to children or grandchildren or to an easier living situation, and slowly it seems that your social circles dwindle and the casual and fun dinners, events and parties you attend are less frequent. Although you are independent and enjoy your own space, loneliness can creep up into your generally wonderful life. Although loneliness often labels itself as a merely painful inconvenience, studies have actually shown that loneliness, especially later in life, can in fact be damaging to health. These important social connections, called “social capital”, are the focus of some researchers.

Studying the effect of social interaction on cognitive decline, epidemiologist Bryan James at Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center found that over a 12 year study of over a thousand adults, the people with regular social interaction had as much as 70 percent less cognitive decline than those without! Another study, also by Bryan James, measured the connections between social interaction and the ability to care for oneself. In the end, he found that those with high social interactions reasonably had 43% less disability than those with low amounts of social interaction. This suggest that they may live independently longer while maintaining their health.
A researcher from Drexel University, Yvonne Michael, specifically studies social capital in neighborhoods and the effect it has on the residents there. Here are an example of some of the questions he uses in a survey to identify the level of social capital.

  • Are my neighbors willing to help each other with routine maintenance?
  • Can I trust my neighbors?
  • In case of emergency, would my neighbors be available to help me out?
  • How often do I see, talk to, or visit with my neighbors?

These simple questions may help you to improve your health and prolong your independence. If you decide it may be time to start seeking out a community with more social capital while also seeking to maintain your independence, University Village can help! Our warm, friendly community of people in our Independent Living Apartments and in our Cottage Community will welcome you with open arms. Call our staff or contact us today to see how University Village’s community can fit your independent lifestyle.

We can help you find retirement homes in Tulsa OK. Discover our assisted living Tulsa OK community here.

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The oil boom in Oklahoma back in 1914 brought Emery and Jane Bailey to the Glenpool area with five children in tow. Once settled in Glenpool, they welcomed another daughter in 1917 and then their surprise baby, Bill, was born on December 23, 1924! Bill’s childhood took a different look when his mother, Jane, became ill and died when Bill was only five and a half years old. That’s when his older sisters took the place of mother to him. His father continued working for the Texaco Oil company, which also meant moving around a lot. Bill experienced many different school systems, Sperry, Turley, a lonestar school outside of Sapulpa, and Ramona.
Floyd and Myrtle Prather were hard at work during the 1914 oil boom and brought 2 boys and 1 girl into the world. Little Rose being the youngest child was loved and protected by her two brothers, William and Earman. Rose was born at Cromwell in Seminole County and fortunate to stay in one location her growing up years. She remembers fondly her childhood. It was the best time of her life as the children were innovatively building, and creating with their hands. They would use discarded oil field equipment to build their creations, like a trolley (her favorite ride), a ferris wheel, boxing ring, and baseball diamonds just to name a few. Her family lived in company houses that were built all the same and in a row, but no bills to pay since housing needs were free. The Carter Oil Refinery that her father worked at blew up and destroyed several company houses killing one person. Rose remembers, “We had to evacuate and folks would jump on the running board of cars to get out. We didn’t know were daddy was till night. Once reunited, we were all relieved and grateful.”
Bill and Rose had a class together in High School, that’s where they started a friendship and eventually decided to go to the Jr./ Sr. Banquet together. Bill turned 18 in his senior year and was drafted, so graduation from High School had to wait for 28 months until he got back from serving.
Bill was being trained to be a radio operator on the planes, but they had so many losses in Europe they needed more gunners in South Pacific and switched Bill over to a B29 Gunner. They didn’t waste any time to get Bill over to fight in battle. During that time, Bill was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal for helping a pilot that had part of his canopy shot away and could not navigate on his own. “We used hand signals and rocked our wings so he knew we were talking to him. Once we got his attention we were able to escort him to his base in Hiroshima.” He also received 4 Oakleaf Clusters on his Air Medal for flying 35 flights over Japan and 3 Battle Stars while in the Asia Pacific Theater.
When Bill returned from serving our country he returned to Oklahoma, finished school, and found Rose. They soon decided to marry and eventually had three boys. As the boys got college degrees and married, their families gave Bill and Rose 5 grandsons! Bill went into business college and eventually went to Arlington State College. He was employed with Amoco May of 1948 which moved his family to Texas, Oklahoma, and Chicago where he retired 38 years later. Rose worked at American Airlines, Central Airlines in accounting, and later in Illinois at The Youth for Christ home office as Assistant Accounting Supervisor. She retired with Bill in 1984 and they moved back to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It was important for them to be involved in their community, so they got involved with a weekly food mission giving out food. They also worked at the voting polls. In their free time, Bill would golf and Rose would swim. They enjoyed traveling taking two trips to Europe, two cruises, and many car trips around the United States.
They decided to move to University Village April 15, 2015 and celebrated their 71st Anniversary on January 29, 2017! Bill says he likes the entertainment, but Rose loves it! We appreciate the friendliness of the residents and the employees, everyone is very accommodating. Rose says her favorite Bible verse fits their life here at University Village. “Therefore, we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” 2 Corinthians 4:16

Discover all you need to know about choosing the right retirement home Tulsa OK community that will fit your needs for assisted living in Tulsa OK. Contact us here.

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